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    About Us

    Uponor is a global pioneer in intelligent PEX piping solutions for flawless plumbing, heating and cooling systems that enrich the lives of millions worldwide. With 17 billion feet of pipe installed around the globe in new construction and renovation projects, Uponor is driving progress with water technology solutions that support high-performing, smart building practices while advancing the industry through innovation, education and advocacy. To learn more, visit www.uponorpro.com.



    Product Information

    ProPEX® LF brass copper press adapters. Install PEX-to-copper hybrid piping systems faster & easier than ever with Uponor’s new ProPEX® lead-free (LF) brass copper press adapters - the first transitions in the industry for ASTM F1960 PEX expansion to copper press systems. Available in ½" to 3" sizes, the offering provides 71% faster installs compared to copper sweat & eliminates hot work on the jobsite for a fast, flameless solution that promotes on-time project schedules & worker safety.
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