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    Bemis Manufacturing Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet seats, serves residential and commercial buildings and OEM industries. Founded in 1901, Bemis continues to be privately owned and operated. Headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wis., Bemis has worldwide distribution in North, Central and South America; Europe; and the Far East. Bemis utilizes environmentally friendly processes and materials, including rediscovered wood and water-based paints that greatly minimize the emission of VOCs. All seats are packaged in recycled and recyclable corrugate. For more information, visit www.bemismfg.com.

    The Sta-Tite® Commercial Fastening System™ uses breakthrough technology to address the problems of loose toilet seats, while delivering a system that is up to 33 percent faster to install than conventional fasteners.

    The Sta-Tite® system utilizes a patent-pending fastener that includes a glass-filled nylon nut and integrated washer that out performs traditional stainless steel fasteners and allows installers to quickly achieve the exact amount of torque needed to keep seats securely fastened, without risking bowl damage from over-tightening.

    After finger tightening the Sta-Tite® nuts, use a 5/8-inch wrench to tighten the lower section of the nut. When the proper torque is achieved, the lower section of the nut shears away, eliminating under- or over-tightening.

    While bolts have a universal diameter of 3/8 inch, mounting holes vary in diameter from 0.42 to 0.62 inches. The resulting gaps speed up seat loosening.

    The Sta-Tite® hinge body has a finned bushing that eliminates gaps between the bolt and the hole. The bushing, which is molded on the glass-filled propylene hinge body, centers the bolt in the hole and prevents the movement that triggers costly callbacks.