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    Tim Donohue
    National Sales Director
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    Mike Pruzinsky
    Sales Office Manager
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    Trade Show Coordinator
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    Scott Wright
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  • Reed Manufacturing Company

    1425 W. 8th St., Erie, PA 16512 United States

    About Us

    Reed provides expertise and wide variety in pipe and tubing cutters, cutter wheels and vises; and offers the largest tool selection for plastic pipe applications. Groovers, threaders, power drives, dies and oil figure prominently in the line - along with water services tools and machines, wrenches, and general pipe working tools. Reed demonstrates ongoing commitment to innovative plumbing tools and works with tool users to develop pipe tool solutions.

    Product Information

    Reed Clean Ream Plus™ plastic pipe fitting reamers are inserted into a drill (not provided) to clean out the old or broken pipe and leftover solvent cement from a fitting so the fitting can be reused. Reed’s Clean Ream Plus line offers durable, price competitive tools with exceptional service which means less downtime. Save time and materials by eliminating the need to replace entire sections of pipe. These are used for reaming drain and waste piping, vent intake, as well as plumbing fittings.
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