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    Ease of handling and quick installation make Reflectix® Reflective Insulation a superior choice when selecting insulation for round or rectangular ductwork in HVAC systems. This duct insulation provides an R-6.0 when installed with a 0.75” air gap between the duct and the insulation. When installed directly to the duct, the product provides an R-4.2 benefit. This duct insulation has an ICC-ES Evaluation Report and carries an ETL certification. Reflectix also offers a Concrete Slab Insulation for use in slabs, radiant floors, and snow melt systems. This product is easy to install and handle, provides a vapor/radon retarder and spreads out the heat signature in radiant floors. For more information on our products, please phone Customer Service at (800) 879-3645 or visit our website at www.reflectixinc.com . 

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